Big Daddy versus SAS soldiers in a Caged Pool Full of Bacon and Eggs
It’s a Big Daddy versus SAS soldiers in a Caged Pool Full of Bacon and Eggs!!

but seriously people, enough with the big daddy poses. It feels like there’s five or six new copies of the same model drilling some poor bastard through the stomach. Sure, a guy with a drill on his arm is cool, but he’s not * that* cool. If you guys have to post so many of these, think of something more original the drilling a guy through the stomach.


Whats with all the bacon and eggs funny though :mario:

At least you didn’t lie like most people here for attention.






Can’t help it if you can trick adolescents into believing there’s porn in your thread.


Don’t fuck with Big Daddy’s bacon.

How about Big Daddy drilling some guy’s stomach but the guys is spinning around like hell? I’d give a gold for that haha.

Since when were you the god of what does and does not happen in this little section

people can do whatever they want, however they want too

Look at it this way… at least they’re not using Sixtoes skins.

That’s not what I was trying to do. I was merely trying to suggest that maybe we should make the big daddy poses more original.

like adding a pool of continental breakfast :excited:

Go to the Sexpose forum if you want that kind of stuff :fap:

ahahah brilliant, the guy on big daddy’s drill is really well posed!


I agree with him though, SilverHammer. Thing is, Gmod posers all have their little fads: letterbox, SHEF, STALKER, Noir, Oblivion, Gun Poses etc. They all are big for a while then they die down but are still prevalent every so often. So big daddy poses won’t live forever. People will get bored eventually.

The bacon and eggs must be rather soggy by now.

Filter rape + Awful posing = fail.

Look who’s talking.

Why the fuck bump a two year old thread you moron?

He dared me to.


You can’t live with’em, eh?

I thought the Generical CoD4 and Ghillie poses were the annoying rage of to-day.