Big Daddy

** screamX2 posed i edited ** C&C


motion blur is really bad.

Really like the water splashes.

For some reason, the water splashes look more focused on rather than the pic itself.

wow good job

I’m quite interested as to how you actually did the splashes :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good, I laughed at the splicer running away.
You should have added a red glow from the daddy’s helmet though.

Really nice, especially the water.

Maybe a little to blurry.

The splashes are cool but I don’t understand why they’re in focus and yet everything else is hella blurred.

You need to go easy on blur of all types in all of your pictures - blurring out all the details doesn’t make a picture good.

Looks awesome. I would have added the glowing effect to the eyes.

it was rather easy you just paste in a picture of water and make it color dodge


i was actually thinking that