Big darkrp custom jobs problem! HELP!

Ok, I just recently started up a dark rp server, and coded custom jobs. But, when I went in to test out the jobs, the models were all messed up. It was kinda like they didnt hold weapons or anything. Just like plain weird. Thanks for helping me fix this and this is my first thread. Heres a picture of what some of the jobs look like in the F4 menu.
The regular jobs work fine, its just the custom jobs have problems. Only the css models have trouble in the F4 menu. The hl2 models look half normal in the F4 menu.
But alas, when i become one, it looks like this.
Please help me!

You need the new animations, i forgot where to get them though. Someone else may be able to aid you.

Where do I get these new animations? Anyone?

He dosent know what hes talking about, you need to put player models, not other models than that like you entered a default CSS model, i think the model you want is