Big Eye Ragdolls

Okay so whenever I spawn ragdolls, they always have eyes bigger than on screenshots from the workshop. e.g.
Using the Sonic Heroes mod by Apoc Hedgie - Screenshot

In (my) game

I’ve checked the workshop for any “eye resizers” but nothing useful has come up, so I was hoping someone can help me with this?

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I’d really like some help with this. :rolleyes:

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No, like seriously, it’s been an hour now. Every new thread has gotten a response. Help.

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Are you kidding me right now?


I don’t remember much about those sonic ragdolls but they might have had a skin for smaller pupils.
Or maybe there was iris size in face posing options.

Well it’s not just the Sonic ragdoll, it’s pretty much everything - i.e. TF2 Classes, HL2 ragdolls

I checked for eye resizing options but there’s nothing I can find.

Edit - Picture of Heavy in my Gmod

*This really needs solving, can some one help me with this??? *

“r_eyesize 0” should make the eye size go to the default.