Big Four

Big Four. Garry`s mod.


Fucking radical


WHERE DID you even GET those models that are on the vehicles

Very good dredd/max vibes.


Might wanna turn the grain down next time, at that rez all it does is make specular noise.

Loving the concept & thought put into this, one of the best images I’ve seen on here

Also, is that Chimera?

Pretty damn awesome


Metro: Last Light - Hansa Soldier. (workshop)
The girl from titanfall.
Resistance 2: Hybrids (workshop)
The guy at the wheel - Scavenger Playermodel
And one model from here “The Personal Skins Thread”

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Once again I say - thank you)
Yes, there a chimera with a shot-gun :smiley:

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27X Thank.
And thanks for advice!

Thanks for the reply but i was more reffrencing EVERYTHING else i know the charchters roughly but not the stuff thats on the vehicle

Oh,this translator…sometimes there is a misunderstanding here)
So,those things on the sides and front is from portal 2.
Glass,bars on the window and that thing on the hood - TheMask scenebuild of MegaPack.

Holy - Shit awesome picture ! Can I die right here ?!

Do not die.
I shall make still the art:D

Thanks man , and im assumein the pickup truck is from Fallout ? also accidentaly pressed Late rateing :I

Yes, a pickup from Fallout.
Anything terrible:3