Big Game Hunting

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what is that thing

quite pretty

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you used z-depth for the motion blur right?

Yup! More specifically, the motion blur is in game, z-depth is used to edit things into the scene anyway without having to finesse a bunch of masks to match the blur.

that would have been my second guess

Motion blur in gmod? How did you do that?

Alien Dog-Thing that Wraith ported a while back.

Fancy SDOF, I don’t know the proper terminology, but you can have it blend side to side, as opposed to in circles.

You could also be really wacky and put up constraints on any object and have them move in the scene while taking a picture and when enabling frame blending with the right settings. It looks surprisingly good. But is an art yet to be mastered here on the forums from what I saw.

amazing as always