Big Glass Jar

Since I bought gmod, which was in end of 2008. I always have wanted to find a big Glass jar in which player can actually fit. Since no one made it, I just remembered about this so called “dream” and I made it.
It has totally full collisions, so player can get into it, It’s height is about 128 (more or less) It has 21 part of collision model. I also made a cork for it. Which fits to it. It’s quite good for admins to lock players inside of them.

It comes with 4 tints, Clear, Blue, Red, Green. You should probably use skin switcher in order to change them.

Here is a image of collision model.

Also I made a video of this Jar in action!
(Music is kinda random in background since I just ran gmod for test so I decided to make video)
Also sometimes I love fast temp of music!

And omfg :open_mouth: I also made a spawnlist (reason why I made it, is because I know some ppl tend to make seperate releases with adding spawnlist to it)


Download! Play! Enjoy!

This is very funny.
Downloading, might have some good uses.

hah very nice, although I feel bad for the first minge to get on my server after I DL it

“wtf y am i traped in a error”

Why inside of an error?

Cool idea ^^

I’d like to see those ever dividing balls in there…

Because if you don’t have a model, and a map/server/whatever demands that said model be created, you will see a giant red flashing ERROR.

I just got like 10 new ideas for poses!

Omg! Giant jarate! :smiley:

That in combination with your currant ava is just win.

You should make a map with this model.

And map out the inside to be full of yellow water

And dump the player in it

That would make me feel owned

Needs to be smaller and breakable.

[sp]1 man 1 jar[/sp]


how his sphincter contracts shows how much pain he’s in