Big Head Mutation.

The big head mutation is an addon which allows you to show off just how awesome you are, with the size of your head. Every time you make a kill your head will grow, but if you die your head will shrink!


Console commands
Must be an Admin to edit these.

MBH_Menu - Opens a menu allowing you to easily edit the following options.
MBH_MaxKills - Amount of kills needed to reach the maximum head size.
MBH_MaxScale - The maximum head size, 1 is regular head size.
MBH_PercentRemove - Amount of head size to remove when someone dies.
MBH_On - Turn the big heads on or off.


Release History.

January 18, 2011
*Initial Release.

This addon must be on the server to work.
This addon does not change the physical size of a players head, it’s only visual.

This is a fun concept. Good job!

Cool, too bad you can’t change the collision box size.

Man, I remember this idea from UT2004. Good to see it in GMod.

It’s hilarious XD

if your head is REALLY big, its actually harder to hit it, since it uses the original heads hull size.

This looks pretty awesome, might add this to my fretta server.

Gonna download it. Looks like its fun

Could you make a mutator pack including some of Unreal Tournament (Like the vampire)?
Anyway, great addon!