Big, HUGE, hacked maps?

Is it possible to hack a map over Hammer’s default max size limit?
If so does anyone know of any?

Isn’t possible.

Damn. Would be extremely useful if it was.

map half the size, resize yourself and everything to 0.5 and “play with changing” the physics gravity values. will never be that accurate and useable but theres no alternative.

This sounds interesting…
How would one do this?

I remember a giant version of gmod 9’s gm construct

that was insane. It felt massive.

of all the things I want. I’d love more of that.

The best thing you can do is use space better to make the map feel bigger. like Freespace, or bigcity.

One of the biggest ways to do this is effective use of layers of many areas. The sky doesn’t have to be that big after all. Helicopters/planes don’t need THAT much height, and it could be used better on making the entire map better and bigger.

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The names are lost to me but there are plenty of maps that do what I talk about quite nice. GM( or was it DM) Avalanche is pretty good. I would definitely look for them and use their methods.

There was the project “bigbox”, but it ran into some issues with duplication and object traces.

Currently, garrysmod does not handle scaling props very well. I tried my own methods for it, but have had little success when it comes to incorporating other tools with it.

I gave you a curt answer to start this topic off because the long answer is disheartening to say the least. Here’s a list of methods that I know have been used to try to either grow map sizes or shrink player sizes:

  1. The “BigBox” method of using flat model scaling using SetModelScale. Needed numerous hacks to get traces to work with it, and not only the gravity, but the physics timescale needed to be adjusted to give appropriate physics. Attempts to work constraints into the mode or using advanced duplicator lead to constant server crashes. Not to mention, shrinking certain small objects with complex physics hulls lead to almost instantaneous server crashes on model spawn.

  2. Extending the map via teleportation with “GravHull”. Gravhull keeps your player inside of your contraption by creating a small separate playground and teleporting you to it - the player’s camera stays in the middle of the contraption, giving the illusion of being able to walk around on and jump within the contraption. This was naturally extended to a crazy infinite grass environment with dynamically created hills that you could travel forever in any given direction on. It treated the originally large, featureless map as a “cell” that you could traverse, and then teleports you and your contraption to the other side of the map when you reached the edge, giving the illusion of infinite movement. However, this method never made it to the public (there’s a video on youtube of it somewhere) and would not work with many popular addons. Gravhull’s a crazy bitch when it comes to interacting with weapons, scripted entities, ACF and even prop protection addons.

  3. I shrunk stuff once with a system I called “minifigs”. It shrunk the model but parented it to an appropriately sized block from the SPROPS addon. It technically works, but needs to be modified further to work with certain tools, most importantly AD2. I lose a lot of the important parts of the hitbox, but it still approximates it well enough.

  4. The “fuck it, we control everything” method was used for addons such as the Sunrise mod and the Airboat Dogfight mod that used to be part of Fretta. Since everything in the gamemode was created by using custom models, the creators could dictate the scale and make space seem as limitless as they wanted. This method isn’t really an option if you’re fielding a sandbox server. There are too many moving parts unless you were to script everything and model everything from the ground up.

I have Gravity Hull Designator, how do you get it to work on maps like that instead of just props?

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Nevermind I’ll try this.

Can’t garry just get access to the source code and mod the limits? Sven co-op did it.

Why are people acting like the map size limit is based on empty space? AFAIK the biggest enemy is the brush limit, unless you’re trying to surpass hammers huge grid for some reason.

Hammer’s grid size is just under 0.4² miles. That limit can make it difficult to make large city maps.

How about a map that expands in all directions like a func_door or movelinear on map spawn? XD

If you can bypass the leak somehow because world brushes cant move obviously. It might work with teleports.

Brushes can be outside the grid, i had moving water that open/closed outside the hammer grids if i’m not mistaken. As long as it’s inside the grid on compile.

Seems like a long shot but would be interesting to see what happens then. If it even compiles or if the player can move/teleport outside the grid coordinates. Maybe just start with 1 extra skybox that is duplicated on the non-moving skybox. And then on spawn it is triggered to quickly move to one side.

Then just see if you can reach that place and walk there.

Not exactly extending any map limits but this gamemode gave the illusion of being able to in any direction for ever.
Id try and run a server, but I am on a Linux server and he only included windows binaries with no source code…