Big Idea: 2D animation in Gmod shorts

I started learning how to use Gmod Sandbox and i started to have an idea:

Using 2D animation within the videos you make.

Seen one before. Had Pinkie Pie, cake and a soldier, at the end i see a pony holding a camera to her. He’s 2D.

What do you guys think.

How do you start learning how to use sandbox…


do you have a patent copyright trademark on this world-changing revelation yet

He probably means posing.

If you want to animate with models ported to source, you should use SFM. Doing it in Gmod would take fucking forever.

Technically they’re already 2D since the final stage of a modern gaming engine is using screen-space projection mapping to simply render a planar image for your computer to send to the monitor, so mission accomplished?