Big improvement for advance pod controller?

When you wanna wire buttons, why not have it where you have a list of ordinary commands such as vector and active, and as for keys and mouse buttons, how about this:

Select either:

Key Hold(set the amount of time)
Key Release
Key Press(you press but it’s an “automatic”,you have to release the key and press again)
key multiclick(set amount of clicks)
key combo

When you select one of these, it will ask you to press the key you wanna use, and BAM, it’s mapped.

If the above is too complex or impractical, then atleast have the idea where you just need to press the key you wanna map. Because the pod controller has a pretty limited selection…

First, this is a request. This sub-forum is for released mods and addons.
Second, anything wire related is best asked at their official forum.