Big intimidating man with machine pistol makes a terrorist surrender.

Thats a really strong guy if he can fire this monster with one hand.
Needs editing and another background and…

Crappy pose and need some edit.

What the flying fuck is that weapon? It’s not that uber-USP thing from tiiime ago is it?

I.d.k. |:-\

Yeah it is.

It came in Larry_G’s pack, pistols, I believe.

Looks okay, but the posing seems iffy.

Hmmm… the more I think about it, Army of Two seems like the perfect game for Fear to use for poses.

Light on story and intellgince, heavy on the mindless over the top blood and violence, etc.

Not intended as an insult. Play to your strengths.

Army of one… He looks abit stiff dont you think?

Your definatley better then when we first started talking :dance:

Ive never heard of a belt-fed pistol, that may just be one of most pointless ideas I’ve ever heard lol. Pretty pic though.

Posing is quite bad.
Good camera angle, though.

Well, when S-Low rigs his models so they has limbs I’ll let you know.

S-Low rigs his with srange .phy files. They make them very stiff.

The pose would have looked better if he wasn’t holding a 30 pound gun with one hand.


hmm yeah army of 1 1/2


his pistol is half a man