Big MySQL Issue

Hello Community,

I am very frustrated right now and don’t know what to do next.
So I set up two Gmod Servers on my rootserver and connected their pointshop plugins via mysql. But since then the following problems came up:

  1. I can’t login into phpmyadmin. I always had it on auto-fill and just clicked “login”. But suddenly it stopped working, I didn’t changed any settings here. I already tried every user and every password (I save all my password in a program)
  2. Normally the both server doesn’t have the same name and slotnumber. But since I synced them ONLY in pointshop they have the same name in the server browser and the same slotnumber. I already double checked all startscripts and .cfgs.
    This two things are big issues and I can’t handle them.
    My rootserver is running ubuntu 64 bit 12.04 with 32libs installed.

I hope someone know a answer for this strange errors…

Greetings Tezou

EDIT: Okay I fixed problem 2. But I still can’t login into phpmyadmin…
EDIT²: Still have the problem, can really nobody help me? BTW: Who tagged “Dumb”? -.-"