Big Ol' Nazi Zombie Picture!

I don’t pose that often and I just started editing, though I guess that’s no excuse if it sucks! (:

Holy shit! Most of those are duped, I know, but still. Get rid of the lens flare and choose a better map next time, though.

Aaaah, target practice…

Cool picture, i like it.

I don’t see what’s wrong with the map but yeah the lens flare is pretty bad.

Still looks pretty awesome because of the big horde.

The second picture looks brilliant

They’re fucked, but yeah, awesome horde there, even if they’re dup’d it looks incredible.

I like the machine gunner’s look. “I’m gonna need a lot more of these…”

lol, thanks guys. I only posed about half of them, yeah, the ones in the back are just copy pasted from up front with different clothes! ;x

So many ragdolls.

Looks good to me.

I like it, take these gentlemen’s tips though, and I think we all like the dupes because he’s been changing the pose on many of them, and he’s been fidling with the bodygroups on every ragdoll. :downs:

In my opinion the posing on the soldiers is a bit off.
Especialy on the running guy.
On the other hand i love the edited smoke,and the horde.

You probably don’t like the smoke I edited! ); I only did the smoke coming out of the barrel in the first picture and I think it looks pretty bad. The one in the second was in the map. :x

Company of heroes ragdolls are good, but the lens flare doesn’t stick to the picture, and well i like it.

'Dats a lot of zombies.

This pose reminds me, I should really update those CoH Rangers. HD skins, bodygroups.

Nice work, but you need to loose the lens flare. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Why is there a guy skipping in the middle of this?

Lovely picture. Only complaints are the guy running and the flare. Looks out-of-place.