big plane

greeting all im bought garry mod for xmas and i made big plane and want to share :smile:

  1. big plane is BIG (two times biger than original plane)

  1. big plane has many powerful trusters to fly (im cannot control it yet xD)

  1. big plane has also some turret to kill enemy :smile:

  1. big plane is being control by Naked Drill man


This is, by far, the most innovative and amazing contraption to that my eyes have ever had the honor to behold. Treat us well, my lord.

I think we’ll have to coin a new term to describe just how innovative and revolutionary this plane is. There are no words to explain just how dumbfounded I am over this

Uhh… I… no comment.

Fantastic work. What tools did you use to get it to look that smooth? And how did you make the gun on the side, looks really awesome with those laser effects and all. I definitely wanna see a video of it flying.

I dream of reaching the garrysmod level OP has reached.

This is just so good.

I never knew that is what OP looked like with a drill, let alone a airplane.