Big problem I can't figure out.

My computer:
Pentium® Dual-Core CPU
E5300 @ 2.60GHZ
2.60 GHZ. 2.00 GB of RAM.

Problem: Okay, I start up STEAM and then I click Garry’s Mod it says preparing to launch Garry’s Mod and then it shows this error: Steam has found a problem with your local games file. Game files will now be re-acquired from the Steam Servers. I press okay and I wait then it looks like its going to work untill the window pops again.

Frustrated, I went to properties and I went to verify the game cache, and it says its fine. Then I go to my addons folder to see if anything is wrong. And I found out the Wire Model pack 1, Replicator AI, stargate_resources, and Adv Duplicator needed to be updated. So I pressed SVN update and then it says:
Error Repository moved temporarily to ‘’; please relocate then it said ‘FINISHED!’ and ‘The operation failed’ If anyone can help me out here I would REALLY appreciate it.

The SVN link has changed to sourgeforce something. Get the new SVN link at my SVN tutorial: (Scroll down to the SVN Link List)

Okay I did all that, but Gmod still won’t work, everything should be fine. But I have no clue why it isn’t working, I seriously need help here I’m still getting the ’ Steam has found a problem with your local games file. Game files will now be re-acquired from the Steam Servers.’ error. If anyone can help me I would REALLY appreciate it otherwise I won’t be able to play it all untill the problem is solved.

sounds like reinstalling garrysmod is your only option.

I already tried that!!! It didn’t fucking work!!!

Hmmm. Odd. that worked for me last time.

But it isn’t working for me I have tried:
-Updating my Addons that use SVN links
-Uninstalling and reinstalling Gmod
-Verifying the integrity of the game cache
-Shutting off STEAM then turning it back on

But it still won’t work, I’m going to try rebooting my computer right now.


Ok, I rebooted the computer and tried to start Gmod again and it STILL won’t work. I seriously need help with Gmod right now, so I can play Gmod in peace.

Download and re run the STEAM installer. Worst case delete the GCFs and let them re download.

I already tried the GCFS and I let them Re-download, I am trying to ask people who actually know what their doing…not coming up with random ideas on how to fix it! I am sure as hell not running the STEAM installer again for all I know it could fuck up STEAM on my computer.

Delete EVERYTHING GMod related. By that I mean go into your C drive and delete the GMod directory.

…Are you sure you know what your talking about? That means I have to install ALL of my addons again…

Yes, I know what I’m saying.

Holy crap dude. For one why don’t you try being a little nicer to people trying to help you? Two, just copy your addons folder to your desktop while you delete out the garrysmod folder and the GCF’s. Try to use a little common sense and don’t be a prick to people taking their time to help you.

I’m sorry, but that’s the #1 solution for fixing Garry’s Mod problems. I blame you for not telling us that you already re-downloaded the GCFs. For God’s sake, we aren’t tech support, we’re trying to help.

And I’ve reinstalled Steam numerous times, it usually solves problems.

I’m sorry for being a jerk everyone, I owe you guys a lot I’m going to start the procedre NOW, and see if it works…wish me luck…

Did you try “verify integrity of game cache?” Although that might not do anything if you’ve already re-downloaded the GCFs.

Okay…bad news…I deleted all the files for Garry’s Mod and tried reinstalling it…the files won’t download to my computer or it says that the servers are still busy even though it looks like it was installed…Yes I already tried that when the problem started and when I reinstalled it and it said it was fine…I don’t know what I am going to do now I’m all out of options…

…If anyone can give me more options to fix Gmod I would really appreciate it…

He could using a cracked steam. No wonder he doesn’t want to redownload steam.

Cracked Steam?

Undead patch. I used it waaaaaay back when it came out, to see if it worked.
Needless to say, it has. I deleted it once i saw it did, never used it since.
The way it works is that, it does something to one of the .dll’s, and edits the CFG file, and it makes steam believe that you have bought every game. Though, it only lets you install older Source games and any popcap game. please dont ban me, im being informative.