Big problem since todays update

Happens on both dev servers and stable ones.

I start running only to realise a few seconds later that im stuck running in a straight line. I cannot change direction, I only can look around. Obviously if someone saw me I wouldnt be running cause Ive lost connection to the server.

Anyone else have the same problem? Only just hapenned today after todays patch (50 minutes ago)


same thing happened to me yesterday.

quitted playing for the night because of that

Are you having the same problem after todays patch? Do you have any idea whats causing this?

Same thing is happening to me across 3 different servers.

Damn, is there somewhere we can report this? Or has it been reported already?

I’m not sure. If I had to guess, I think it’s whatever they did to mess lidgren. It seems to be a connection issue, but something that was created by this update.

Yeah confirming this just started in my server following the latest update. Randomly you will just start running in one direction and cant open menus etc. Relogging fixes it.

Seems to be more stable if you run in full screen as opposed to window (I haven’t had it happen in full yet) so maybe that’s something we can test out to see if its a good workaround…

I always play in full screen. So yeah it happens like that too :frowning:

Thanks Nexus, I’m playing in full screen though. I’ve had it happen 5 times, and I’m able to open the console menu and watch my ping. It’s only spiked once during the “running phase” but I still feel like it’s a connection thing. I also experienced the unable to wake up bug again during all of this, my gut is that it was related somehow.

Yeah scratch that then, same for me. must be a bug in the client side update perhaps. May have to wait for another update till its fixed.

Edit - just reported it so hopefully it will make its way up the chain soon!

Thanks a lot Nexus! Where can we report these kind of things? It would be good to know in case another bug pops up!

Report them here mate!

Its been confirmed that this is due to “Congestion Control in the client side” (Source is Rustafied), it is going to be removed so I expect that we will need to re update Steam when the time comes.

Will report here once I know more.

Ok thanks for the info man!

Valid workaround seems to be if you get stuck, just open the F1 console and press any key, that should free you up (till the next time)

everyone is spawning in the air on my server since the update im on oxide tried reinstalling and wiping few times no luck and cant hit trees or anything

Got this this morning when testing 8k map size, Found it doesn’t affect me if i revert to 6k so till its fixed you may need to try a smaller seed size maybe.

Yesterday, I haven’t this problem and I play in all server without problems, but after the last update today, I’m having this problem with running in a straight line. I write in console “client” and the character stop run, but in a few second the problem appear again.

Sorry for my english, ask me if you don’t understand.

Read the posts above yours. Its a known issue and being fixed atm.

Thanks my friend. We’re waiting.

I am having this issue on my server as well.
Submitted a bug report: