Big problem

Hello everyone, I’m sorry that I write to you here , I have a problem with the game rust I play on the operating system OS X EI Capitan and now I have not a game but a complete hell ) I can send you pictures themselves look and decide what to do , maybe it’s something I do not do + I is such that to fix something to me to have to craft a sign , and thanks to her I can differentiate amongst chat or number of health food and water, without her , I do not what I do not see , I’m sorry once again that I write to you here is unfortunately no longer know where to write.

It is my fear screens = (


how much ram does your computer have this looks like a low ram issue.

4 gb much ram

Way too low, especially with the memory leak issues we have been having

I used to have 4Gb RAM in my imac, and I got about 3 FPS out of Rust!
I upgraded to 12GB RAM and it’s still not perfect, but at least it’s playable…

Oh boy… What counts to you as playable? 60 FPS? 20? Just asking. No rage about Apple.

I guess I get about 30 FPS now. Nowhere near ideal, but playable for me. Before I upgraded my RAM I couldn’t play it at all on my iMac, had to use my HP laptop…