Big problem

Hey guys,
I’ve created a modification for Hl2 Singleplayer.
I opened Hammer to create a map, and my grid looks like this:

Please help me! :o

Looks fine to me. At least that’s how mine looks.

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Have you had this issue before?

The grid looks like crap
It have to look like this:

I dunno what it exactly is, but it looks different :confused:
Maybe the lines are to big? They are to many lines? mm i dont know

Press the [ and the ] keys to change grid size.

You mean 8 and 9? 0_0

No, I mean the Square Brackets in-between the P and Return Keys.

Oh sorry, im german, so i’ve a different keyboard.
But thanks, i’ve now an error when i compile:
MountAppFilesystem() failed:
SteamMountAppFilesystem(215,45,0x8ebfd24) failed with error 21: A different version of this FS is already in use


Just map using the normal HL2 config and then copy the maps into your games map directory once compiled.

I did it now, but now Hammer says:
“Error opening e:\programme\steam\steamapps\sourcemods rauma-thebeginning\maps\c1_start.bsp”
when i compile :frowning:

Post your whole compile log in CODE tags.

Can you use the grid at all? If so it looks like you made the lines too bright. In the options there a setting somewhere you can change the brightness of some of the grid lines.