Big Project. Mature Coder Needed!

I need a coder who is Mature and will knowledgeable in Lua and Role Play Gamemodes for Garry’s Mod.

This project is creating an RP Gamemode from scratch. Without bugs, errors or problems like other RP server have, also with lots jobs, npc’s and cars. This RP gamemode is to be huge and a Serious and Semi Serious Role play server.

You need to be able to create models (Clothing and player models, along with cars and paint jobs ect…)or the ability to find working and good models.

This project requires you to know how to work with MySQL and PhP. (a vbulletin website). You’ll have to create inventory’s, a banking system, car inventory’s. This should all work with a MySQL database. there is alot more. More will be explained when job is accepted or you would like to negotiate with me about it.

I’d like it so the database is able to be brought up ingame. But only for a cretin administrative rank. Basically when brought up you can see all the players and what cars, what’s in there inventory, how much money they have, everything about each player. You should also be able to search for a player using either there steam ID, or in game name. You should also be able to add things to a person. For example when giving a player a car it’ll give you a drop down menu with all the cars.

You need to be able to code neatly so that it is editable by me or someone who doesn’t known to much about coding. The code shouldn’t be messy.

I’ll explain ALOT more in detail about this project over steam or via email.

This IS NOT AN EDIT OF DARKRP or a Modding of it. This Gamemode must be created from scratch. You must take your time and not just speed through it.

My price is $1250, give or take $300. This will be on a payment plan. For example you’ll be paid a bit when the gamemode is in it’s first run-able state.

You must understand that trust is key. If you can’t trust me then don’t brother posting here. All payments will (there is no negotiating this) be paid via paypal as goods/services. Also the payment will be in USD.

If you need proof that you can trust me talk with the coder Remscar. He has worked with us for sometime now and we have completed many projects. You would have 2 months to complete the project. If you believe it would take longer we can negotiate it.

Support is needed for a at least one year. Payments will be given based on the size of the updates. I will pay $50 Dollars up front.

Hope we can work in the future

Best Regards Partners in Combat

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You may have missed this thread:

But, you just stated that you’re interested in recreating perp, you do realize reverse engineering is also against the law, and when you join the official servers it’s in the TOS which you agree to. Just saying, you’re better off doing something different.

Sorry I should of known that. Will there I edited it. Thanks for correcting me Acecool.

That’s a large sum of money for someone to just “trust” that some random dude will pay.

Like I said you’ll be paid in steps. (payment plan) and if you need Proof that I’m trust worthy ask the coder as we’ve completed quite a few projects together.

Also I said if you can’t trust me don’t brother posting.