Big Projects for the modding community


You know what would be great?

If someone could do one or more of the following:

Port all or most of one of these things or more:

White Forest Base (HL2 EP2)
The Outlands/White Forest (From HL2 EP2)
The Citadel (HL2 or HL2 EP2, Whatever version you want)
Victory Mines (HL2 EP2)
Underground City 17 (HL2 EP1, Cleaned up or not, Both even better)
Nova Prospekt (HL2)
Highway 17 (HL2)
Sections of City 17 (HL2 & EP1)

Feel free to post an alpha or bad version or another idea to post like the Antilion Beach or such!



port it to what? gmod? cause as long as you own ep2 and such it should already be ported to gmod

Yeah gmod

But in whole without AI and scripts and enemies and just the map. With no loading screens in one map.

You do realise there’s loading screens for a reason right? If you combine them all, it’ll be insanely large and therefore hell to render even on good systems.

You can’t even do that. Source has a maximum map size and even if it didn’t have a max, it would be a hell to render.

OP is probably a HL2RP owner asking someone to make a map for his shitty server.

How about this. If it is possible, port the first three point intersection maps into one without npc’s, scripts and sounds so that it can be used as a map for gmod.

And no I am not a server owner. I don’t play multiplayer on gmod.

First of all, this isn’t modding, it’s mapping

second of all, why isn’t this in the mapping section under requests?

Modding, Mapping.

Mapping in modding

Modding requires mapping


What about Black Mesa East without any AI or Scripts or anything. Just the map.