Big request, Real tanks

Garrysmod has made giant strides in the vehicles catagory, with Air vehicles By Sakarias88, Than WAC by WeltEnSTurm, came with its realistic helicopters. We ( the gmod community) excel in the air catagory, But no one has made a tank. I think were a little over due for a tank, how bad could it turn out, Right?

Noone? noone want to drive tank?

I do, but I don’t know how to mod lol

at least you can say you want tanks

I want tanks

After looking on, i’ve found tonnes of adv dupes. There is also a massive vehicle pack i nearly downloaded ages ago that has a couple of tanks in it:

Hope this helps

Those are just jeeps with tank models

i suppose you could modify the vehicle script for a little more realism, but it still wouldn’t have a decent physics model and still no realistic turret/turret movement… back to square one then.

This would most likely require extra models, and most lua coders can’t / won’t make any models.

some might though, or someone else will or will not, it depends on what they want to do i guess

Please, someone?

I have it.

u have what, tanks? ( sorry 4 bump peoples)