Big Sexy Land:: Human Condition Mod, Slow Decay and Slow Durability, Owner Item Removal, Get Naked, Force grass


We are starting this server to create a world that will feel a little more realistic that the traditional server ruleset. The lack of crafting of military grade weapons makes them rare and powerful and not just items for the older players, the slow degradation means that eventually you will have to throw it away. We administrate with balance and sustainability in mind. No admin or moderator has any self spawned items or anything else that any other player doesn’t have. Admins and moderators only use their admin abilities for admin purposes.

The server IS PvP oriented and raiding, conflict, theft, trickery and other shenanigans are encouraged. This is not a server for the thin skinned though cooperation will often get you further than aggression. We will be implementing a ticket system to report abuses and hacking and look forward to seeing you there. If any groups are looking for a server you can connect and contact Fylkra or ask for a Moderator/Admin. We are interested in sharing the choices and server reality with our players.

See you in game.

Big Sexy Land

just joined this server and I must say the admin is very cool and helpful. I am a noob myself and he was helpful in teaching me some about the game. Plus the other couple of guys and gals on the server were very helpful also. Seems like ill be staying around here for a while :).