Big Sister, Bioshock 2

So can someone maybe try and do this like they did the Big Daddy?

(Don’t derail with prototype Big Daddy please)

Its not even out yet, so its unlikely anyone can do it ¬.¬ Wait until it is out, then someone can go about porting it.

Would still be good if someone tried to model it from scratch

I think it would be better to get it from the game. Less effort and skill to model it.

Heh… pink ribbons…

If anybody browsed around here for a few days they would know that high-detail models only get made once every blue moon and here they are expecting us to do for free what professional modelers do for money and for what reason? Because you’re impatient waiting for the next installment of your crappy franchise?

woah… Wait did you call bioshock CRAPPY??? Meh, its okay. But to the thread starter you could just wait ya’know.

That’s why.