Big Sister + Darth Vader's Smoky new lightsaber.

what happens when you over use the smoke brush:

That is one sexy fucking Vader model.

First one is too blurry.
Second one is kewl.

Nice saber icanhazdowloadlink?
comes with the vader and the saber.


I also added noise to it so it might of added some unintentional blur to it

herp derp
lightsaber emits smoke no.

But what if the smoke was already there. The light from the lightsaber is just illuminating it.

HURRRRRRR me has no imaginationz. everything must be like in the moviez and gamez

stop being so close minded, god damnit. that only leads to those ‘generic’ pictures

OT: I like the darth vader picture, simple and sexy

The smoke on the lightsaber looks stupid but the rest is ok.

Close minded?
I’m being accurate for fuck sake. Shut the fuck up.

I think the lightsaber is cool

I know that light sabers dont emit smoke, I was just trying to make it look more interesting that him just hold the saber, it still is him just holding the saber but now it has cool smoke. But its just a picture no need to argue about it.

and I also don’t think the herp derp was necessary when you said that lightsabers don’t emit smoke.

Suggestion for you, if possible. Add lighting to Vader from the lightsabre itself.

Where did you get that BIg Sister model?

Because it’s wrong. it’s eleanor’s Big Sis suit.

Lightsaber smoke is not like it’s supposed to be that Darth Vader model is like really sexy! :smiley:

i havent played BS2 yet, so I didn’t really know the name of it.

where did you get the big sis anyway