Big Sister stands over Little Sister

Rawr. She was hard to pose(the big sis) because it is what I assume is a beta model.

Camera angle is kinda dull with nothing going on, the picture is pretty small and the jpeg quality looks really bad.

On the plus side though, I quite like the shadows.

JPEG_quality 100 and I saved it as Maximum quality JPEG, and I had 4x AA, and all graphics on high, and my framerate went to a dreadful 8 FPS.



Well it’s something to do with the models, the grain, the contrast, the SHEF-ing (I don’t know whether you did this or not, but I know you used to), the resizing of the picture and/or the poor AA then. Pick one or all.

I didn’t SHEF it, nor did I resize it. I added the grain, and its probably just my crappy AA. My AA only goes up to x4 anyway

You didn’t resize it? Hm, I didn’t realise how small your monitor is. It’s a shame you can’t put the AA any higher.


My Computer is brand spankin’ new, I just need a new HD monitor or something. Otherwise, this is the best I can dish out :frowning:

It’s brand spanking new but you can’t go higher than 4x AA?