big spaces

why is is that whe ever i try to make a large flat area for sandbox maps, it never compile properly, ive made a large map containing 23 brushes, nothing else, no lighting. pretty much a pit, skybox and flat land. wont compile right. i looked through the compile list and says nothings wrong, and at the end the error: “the map cannot be found, do you still want to continue” or something like that.

(btw, all of it has been nodrawed on all area that cant be seen)

Did you triple check for leaks? If lighting isn’t compiling then it’s probably a leak.

i made a box and hollowed it out, there are definitely no leaks or anything sticking out side of the skybox

At one time your Hammer crashed. You then chose to load from the nearest autosave. To fix this, you must first save that autosave (Through Hammer, don’t copy paste) into the folder all the other normal maps are. Be sure to name it just like the original, the autosave file will have extra stuff added to the name. Then load it again, then compile and you should be good.

mainly, it simply dont create a .bsp, even after i tried that lol

By “tried that” do you mean you set VBSP to run in the compile settings menu?

What is the name of the file and what folder is it located in?

If you gave us the compile log we would be able to find out.