So, today i took my mission to start working on curtom TTT, but the guy who made this gamemode don’t know what “clean” is, he got 1 thing in 50 files, if someone could make me a list of what is used to what i would be so thankflull!

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You’re asking which gamemode files do what? I can help with this when I get home.

Ok the files are as follows:
admin = Basic admin stuff. I’ve never modified it before.
cl_awards = The little awards that you get at round end in the postround report.
cl_disguise = The desguiser equipment
cl_equip = Equipment system
cl_help = the f1 menu
cl_hud = hud
cl_hudpickup = weapon pckup HUD
cl_init = first file ran by the client.
cl_keys = some key binds like weapon dropping and equipment menu
cl_lang = clientside language library
cl_msgstack = The little messages that go in the top right.
cl_popups = The little things that pop up at round start and whatnot
cl_radar = the radar equipment
cl_radio = the radio menu in the traitor menu and whatnot
cl_scoreboard = the scoreboard. (see vgui/sb_*)
cl_scoring = The score system
cl_scoring_events = more scoring system.
cl_search = clientside body searching
cl_targetid = crosshair info
cl_tbuttons = floating traitor buttons
cl_tips = tips in spectator mode
cl_transfer = credit transfering
cl_voice = clientside voice and chat scripts
cl_wepswitch = clientside weapon switching HUD
corpse = serverside dead body scripts
corpse_shd = shared dead body scripts
crcs = I have no fucking clue. Don’t mess with it.
entity = entity metatable funtions
ent_replace = old version combatibility with old entities
equip_items_shd = shared equipment system
gamemsg = a bunch of stuff reguarding information between client and server as well as chat scripts
init = first file ran by server. Contains round-based functionality among other things
karma = serverside karma system.
lang_shd = language file. shared. Causes problems for lua refreshing.
player = serverside player metafunctions and player-related hooks, such as doplayerdeath
player_ext = more player metafunctions
player_ext_shd = player metafunctions shared
propspec = prop possession. Serverside
radar = serverside radar equipment scripts
resources = serverside resource.AddFile() dump
scoring = serverside scoring scripts
scoring_shd = shared scoring scripts
shared = first shared file to be executed. Has shared enumerations and teams and whatnot.
tags = sv_tags nonsense.
traitor_state = Traitor, detective, and innocent differentiation.
util = some utility functions used in the gamemode.
weaponry = serverside special weapon scripts, such as ammo behavior and whatnot.
weaponry_shd = shared weapon scripts.

In the vgui folder:
coloredbox = something about colored rounded boxes or something.
continuevote = An old script. Retired.
progressbar = progressbar script. also retired.
sb_info = scoreboard script that opens when you click a name
sb_main = main scoreboard background and parent.
sb_row = a row containing name, score, karma, ping, and mute.
sb_team = sections of the scoreboard.
scrolllabel = a label with a scroll bar.
simpleicon = the icons used in ttt. (weapons, equipment, death info, etc.)

In the lang folder:
english = the default english language file.

Hope this helped! :smiley:

Thanks bobblehead!


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One More Question, why when i change atleast 1 thing, i get bunch of HUD lua errors, i don’t even change the HUD -…-

TTT doesn’t support auto refresh, you’ll have to restart the map for it to work.

Agh :/, but when i do that, nothing happenes, i mean, the items i made, doesen’t work.

If you added new files, you’ll need to restart the server. At least as far as I can remember, though I do not know how items are handled in TTT.

You’ll have to be more specific.

To fix Lua refresh, add this to the top of lang_shd.lua:
[LUA]if LANG then return end[/LUA]

As for hud changes not applying,
If you’re on a listen server, rename the gamemode folder to terrortown1 and the txt file inside it to terrortown1.txt
The default ttt files are weird and sometimes changes simply won’t apply. Don’t ask me why.

I LOVE YOU!, omg, my head was blowing up asking itself WHYYY it don’t work! thank you! now i can finally edit it!

I got one more problem, I can’t find lang_shd.lua xd

  • i gets tons of errors when i changed from terrortown to terrortown1

[ERROR] gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/vgui/sb_main.lua:7: bad argument #2 to 'CreateFont' (table expected, got number)
  1. CreateFont - [C]:-1
   2. unknown - gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/vgui/sb_main.lua:7
    3. include - [C]:-1
     4. unknown - gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_scoreboard.lua:17
      5. include - [C]:-1
       6. unknown - gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_init.lua:29


surface.CreateFont("coolvetica", 20, 400, true, false, "cool_small" )

Couldn't include file 'cl_help.lua' (File not found) (@gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_init.lua (line 30))

Couldn't include file 'cl_help.lua' (File not found) (@gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_init.lua (line 30))

[ERROR] gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_hud.lua:217: '=' expected near 'local'
  1. unknown - gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_hud.lua:0


 local traitor_y = y - 30

[ERROR] lua/includes/modules/draw.lua:48: 'DefaultBold' isn't a valid font

  1. SetFont - [C]:-1
   2. GetFontHeight - lua/includes/modules/draw.lua:48
    3. unknown - gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_msgstack.lua:21
     4. include - [C]:-1
      5. unknown - gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_init.lua:32

(can’t find this file O.o)

Couldn't include file 'includes\modules\glon.lua' (File not found) (@gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_scoring.lua (line 3))

[ERROR] gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_scoring.lua:3: Module not found!
  1. require - [C]:-1
   2. unknown - gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_scoring.lua:3
    3. include - [C]:-1
     4. unknown - gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_init.lua:36



[ERROR] gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_voice.lua:129: attempt to call global 'ValidEntity' (a nil value)
  1. v - gamemodes/terrortown1/gamemode/cl_voice.lua:129
   2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:82


if not ValidEntity(LocalPlayer()) then return end


use a updated version of ttt… that version you are using is gmod12.

where can i find the updated one

When you install garrysmod TTT comes with it in the gamemode folder

or you can download it here

thanks :slight_smile: