BIG update: de_rails

I’ve just changed the theme and made many gameplay updates to my old de_rails map.

Here it is the download:

And some screens:

Radar (WIP):

That skybox is an eyesore. Not only does it look flat and wrong, it’s also covered in tons of bad jpeg style artifacts.

And is that supposed to be snow on the clouds in the skybox? Why would you do that, use func_precipitation instead set to snow.

Well despite Gigabite only looking at the negatives, I think it looks good! Yeah the skybox could be changed, but otherwise the look and feel of it is very nice. Do you have a link to old pictures for a comparison?

NOTE: There are things I want to change, but I wanted to have the map in the workshop this week, among others, the 2D skybox will be changed, so I want to change the 3d skybox, the radar, add ssbump and specular to bricks, revise optimization, clip some corners etc.

@ GiGaBite So yes, the skybox will be changed Gigabite, I know it’s lowres but, by now, those are the colors I needed to create the atmosphere. I just put some low photos together and got the colors I wanted, and for most players that will be ok, as long as they want just to play.

Anyway, the sky will feel fake even when highres, as the light is quite intense and bright in order to make it readable. In fact a clouded sky would fit more than this, but as in multiplayer there is no room for dark environments this “trick” works for most players, who will feel like they were at night.

Some players do even confuse blue and dark, so as many got that night feeling, I feel proud even with an horrible sky :stuck_out_tongue:

And no, snow doesn’t froze on the sky and func_precipitation is a “nono” for most competitive players. Usually, something to avoid despite it looks really cool.

@Matt2468rv Yes, you can see a version in my workshop or in gamebanana ( The first version was for the last CEVO/GB competition, and I made it quite fast, in just a week using assets from another map of mine, de_rust. My initial idea was the actual theme, but had no time to do it, and after some updates changing stuff and experimenting with a vent path I left it untouched.

is that multiblend texture on that snowy floor?

Not multiblend nor 4wayblend. Just a classic blend with a blendmodulate texture.

Very wow map[/t]
Add an env_wind to make the dustmotes move sideways
Artistic expression?
Glass should touch frame
Gutter could be moved a bit
The boxes clip and are oriented the same way

despite some iffy minor details (which the posters above me covered) this map looks good, keep at it!

I will take a look at this, but it seems like the outside alleyways are kind of dark.

Thank you guys, specially onebit, that will be really helpful. I’ve already tested it in a 5on5 and found many things to fix. By now it is fun to play and flows nice, specially mid.

I’ll eliminate few things and add another ones, I’ll post once I’ve got something to show :wink:


Nice map, but the star skybox had me fooled, I though it was snowing.


-Inverted specular on snow. No more massive blue reflections
-Fixed a ground texture in ladder CT spawn
-Fixed a concrete texture in B
-Lightened environment shadows
-Added a rail in skylight room (B) to help players notice unreachable area
-Changed the middle vent red light to a blue in order not to confuse newcomers (not a reachable area)
-Made lower steps of A stairs smaller
-Fixed decals being applied to displacements

-Lowered T’s entrance platform in A
-Inverted windows wood in house A to facilitate CTs job covering stairs
-Added a fence on A corner to lower in order to prevent cheese position
-Added an additional box and wood planks to mid A corner in order to increase predictability
-Made some lights nonphysic in order to prevent cheese positions
-Fixed map boundaries and abusive spots
-Added a black brush in lower crate A to prevent abusive spotting
-Added a wood plank in CT spawn to reduce CT’s fire angle. It made it difficult for T’s to spot them in tubes
-Fixed a collisions on a model down A vents that disturbed movement in barrels corner
-Lightened environment shadows in order to help readability
-clipped and resized window brushes on CT spawn to B to increase prediction
-widened a wood plank in middle to help throw grenades

-made func_detail some missed brushes

TO DO (Among others)
-Further testing of the bombspots with good awpers & smoke strategies
-Change middle door for a breakable model
-Observe lightmaps in order to improve shadows and reduce filesize
-Revise hinting, as in some places it may have aged
-Design and add new signs for bombspots
-Improve some textures (mostly specular and ssbump)
-Improve 2d & 3d skybox
-Further details (v.g snow on few props) & light improvements in certain areas
-Further clipping to make movement smooth
-Navigation mesh for bots

I still have some known issues to fix, for example those clipping boxes, rails and a snow I just added on a crate. Will keep it up :wink:

Another update:

-Improved A boundaries
-Modified 3d skybox
-Modified few lights
-Decorated middle windows wood plank
-Added a door model instead of a brush
-Added metal arches in B
-Adjusted fog to give more depth to the level
-Added a broken ladder in middle to indicate the path
-Added a concrete handrail on A stairs

-Increased door open speed (easier rushes and fast upper picks)
-Solved snowed crate stuck bug on A
-Added a ramp on A T’s platform to favor smooth picks
-Added orange bombspot signs so newcomers are better oriented
-Raised A skybox to facilitate throwing grenades (no bounce)
-Added a breakable plank of wood on hole A in order to make boosts more noticeable. There is still a hole you can throw nade/smoke without breaking the wood plank.
-Added a plastic on the scaffolding of arches corridor (B) to improve visibility
-Made half of plastic on A not translucent in order to prevent lame camping spot
-Added a forklift on ramp A to reinforce Ts position and disincentive CTs AWPs in ramp

-some forgotten brushes have been converted to func_details

There are still few things to address, but I’m on it. Hope you like it ^^

I love the atmosphere you are going for. Giving me a serious Dark Sector vibe. published an article with the best april maps. Rails figures in this list!

Read the full article here:

New Update


-New Radar
-Changed some textures to improve visibility and aesthetics
-Improved lighting in few spots
-Added beams of light to standing lights. They don’t disturb gameplay and add quite a good mood.
-Added a new pillar in A. It makes the bombspot look better and helps CT cover from Ts below.

-Navigation mesh improved. Bots behave better
-Modified bottom route to A. Increased the size of the room (Z axis), textures & vent size (faster movement in/out).
-Modified middle route to B. Breakable wood offers cues to Ts, cloth prevents gives Ts some advantage.
-Added wood planks in the end of the trains in B. This will give some moving options while playing.

P.S There are few more updates not listed.

Feel free to answer this thread, the one in workshop or discuss it @Deh0lise (twitter).

Hope you like it!

Flash UPDATE I’ve made after playing a 5on5 match.

-Improved the skybox (skybox fog + selfilum textured buildings)

-Streched further middle (more bricks close to B door + moved the wood plank)
-CT spawn windows narrowed (a new wood plank on the other side)
-Moved a crate in bombiste A to help planting the bomb. Now Ts can choose whether they want to plant leaving uncovered upper stairs or connector door.
-Added a semi-translucent cloth on the rails in bombspot A. This will further give sense of protection to Ts while not affecting vulnerability when planting.
-Nav mesh tweaked


Spawn CT:


September update!



-Added $detail on some textures. Now they look better when the player see them close (v.g snow ground has small shiny dots like real snow)
-Improved the 3D skybox. Now there are mountains in the background, a subtle mist and more buildings. Lit buildings are better placed and can be seen from all main routes (A,B,Main)
-Detailed some ceilings (v.g pipes, vents, trims…) & rooms (v.g A connector and main A).
-Modified few props.
-Reduced lightmapsize in skylight room to B. Light below is turned off (thanks for the idea leplubodeslapin). Players wont get confused thinking that is a playable area. The area has been re-clipped to improve movement. One metal plank has been removed (was useless, now you can jump on the other one to control breakable wood route).
-Added some green cloth covering to few crates to make the area more vivid & interesting.
-Added some details in spawn CT.
-Minor details (v.g bottom stairs wall@ bombsite A; platform A…).
-Updated the radar + added some graphs to the spectator radar.
-Subtle fog adjustment.
-Added a small platform in B where the bomb should be planted. Raised all elements on it (light & box).

-Removed physics from handrail props.
-The box in bomsite B has been elevated a bit. Now TS can hide completely behind the crate in certain angles.
-Added a pipe in A connector. This will make harder to control connector from far (before the gap was too big).
-Modified bombsite A: new metal plank for more cover (fulfilled a common demand); substituted big crates for fence+crates (one less spot to control for Ts entering upper A).
-New wood plank in the middle window in windows@ bomsite A. This will reduce visibility for CTs
-Placed a new crate close to main A entrance and simplified the platform in the front. Now Ts have better movement while CTs can make close attacks.
-Removed physics from metal structure on the wood ramp in the bombsite A (improved movement)
-Added func_clip_vphysics to places where weapons could be droped but not picked up (skylight room, spawn ct, B ramp…)
-Removed particles over the machine in middle (gave advantage to CTs because of fade distance)
-Tunnels have now a number (1&2) so they can be called out. Notice you can call them lit/dark or something different.
-Windows@A have a decal over them so players can use them as callouts (A1 & A2). Notice you could call them drop-window, stairs-window before, now they have shorter callouts.
-Lightened up windows room@A. Ts will be able to spot CTs faster.

-Filled one container with rubbish in T spawn so its use is clear. Now, some players may not feel they need to get inside.
-Added a “police line” in T spawn so Ts don’t try to run away and get confused by the noclip brush.

CONTACT: @Deh0lise

Hope you like it ^^

Images speak for themselves… but you have the complete changelog here:

Nice work!