Big update this week - what does that mean for characters stuff/BP/etc?

Hi there,

so I hear the big update that was suppose to happen this weekend got moved to next weekend, is this correct?

  1. what does that mean for learned BP and loot that I own?
  2. what does it mean for all the buildings? does the update mean all maps are wiped or is that up to the server owner if s/he wants to delete saves first?

Everything stays until the next wipe, which this update will definitely require.
(unless the server owner wipes)

A wipe is just that. It means the server is reset. That means new landscape and you lose all your bases and items / loot. Blueprint wipes are usually not required unless there’s a major change to the BP system (hasn’t been one in a long time). Bp wipes are left at the discretion of individual server admins. In my experience, most won’t wipe BPs.

One small correction but the landscape only changes if the seed changes, or if the update brings a change to the map system, like this upcoming one is. Maybe you meant that, but I just want to make things clear for OP.

thanks Thor-Axe.

my concern was more about loosing my learned BPs. I am ok with a map wipe and I understand seed changes do redo a server. I run a server and found it seems to create new folder structures so if you go back to the old seed you should see your old structures. just a theory.

in Summary: I did not want to invest in building much this week if I was going to have to restart.

The devs said it probably won’t come til next thursday, so you’ve got 4 days left not including today. I think that’s decent time, and as far as I know there won’t be a blueprint wipe, those are seperate from map wipes.

If the bps dont wipe what is the commands to wipe\save them thanks

If the seed changes, then it will be a completely fresh map. Although with the new procgen system being rolled out, the same seed could conceivably generate different landscape, since they’ve added landscape stuff, how roads are drawn, bridges places, etc.

But basically, you’re correct. And that was what I meant as well in my reply. You just clarified it a bit.

So unless there’s a major change to crafting and BPs, they’re safe. There shouldn’t be a BP wipe unless the server admin chooses to reset them for his server.

From what I understand, a map wipe is required, given the massive overhaul to terrain in the update.

BP wipes are usually never required unless there’s some sort of overhaul to the BP system, but that rarely happens. As such, BPs stay for as long as server owners/admins want them to stay.

in theory, map wipes should only happen once a month now, but for high population servers, that’s pretty much impossible given the ~150k collider limit in the game currently. Most high pop servers, like Rustafied, reach that in less than a week, so in order to keep the server from performing like shit, they have to wipe.

Once Unity decides to upgrade PhysX to 3.4 from 3.3 (probably won’t happen anytime soon), or FP finds a way to either increase the entity limit or decrease entities over time (like decay in Legacy), this shouldn’t be much of an issue anymore.