Big update.

Garrysmod “big update” thread. Post any new pictures or info on the update here and discuss about it. Enjoy!

A new menusystem

Damn you, impossible objects!

PS. Windows 98?!

User-agent masking :v:

How nice



Probably that menu thingy.


shut up and take all my life.

It already has a leafblower :slight_smile:

garry, when’s the update coming roughly?
And will the menu be the only thing in it if it even is in it?
(oh hey you’re from UK and use google chrome.)

Could we have a throwback to the old background, with the cone over gman’s head? I loved that background, you should make a new one!

I am full with excitement for this Big update. Mainly because recently whenever a game has said the words (big) and (update) it has been amazing.

Some little give away or hint to the time of release or maybe even what it could be to get the ideas flowing from this creative community would be nice.

Either way amazing this finally got to that magical number well done.

Garry … Wearable hats in gmod ? :DDD

I think their is a tool that would let you do that but yeah I do like the sound of that.
Get special hats for special achievements to wear and that can be seen on any server.

Can you add it to the tool menu? :v: