Big wooden gate cant be locked

I found that when i place a wooden gate with this new patch that it cant be locked with a lock or codelock

The items can be placed but the lock and codelock are not targetable and thus then just keep unlocked

not sure if intended as i didnt find this in the patch notes i thought i would mention it

best regards Wishy

Anyone else have this issue also or is it just me?

Yup, same issue. Discovered it last night. Placed a new gate and put a lock on it – couldn’t target the lock in order to lock it.

I’m sure they’ll fix it while I’m offline and someone will lock me out of my own walled off quarry lol. Fortunately there’s a wipe next week…

Already have a thread up about this

Yeah, I ran into this myself. Too bad the half block removal is eclipsing this bug.

I’ve noticed it too.

Same here my group placed 1 on a quarry area b4 the update and now I cant open the door which is really anoying especially when I’m in a hurry to do something.

Same issue!