Bigass house :3


I’ve been working on this house for a couple of hours, mostly trouble shooting and compiling alot of times to figure out why my brushes didn’t cast shadows. After like 10 something compiles I thought, well I guess I could check If I have fullbright on. Yes… I did.

About the map! I started working on it because I wanted to practice my mapping skills and because I wanted a nice house. I’m a real slow mapper so this could probably be done way better (correct brushworks, better light and stuff like that…) I like making maps of this size since it only takes like a minute or so to compile :v:

Oh yeah I’m a first time cubemap-user so if someone could tell me what’s wrong with the texture on the porch and why some windows have that purple glow that’d be great!

Anyway, I plan on expanding the map of course and add some foliage to it. I have no idea where to set the house, but right now it looks as if it would fit in some rich peoples suburbia. Maybe, and this is a big maybe (10% chance) I’ll turn this into a whole map with more houses. But since I like details it would have to be a pretty small one.

Anyway, lay anything you want on. I know what stuff I think looks horrible right now, but I can’t change, but I wanna hear anything you wanna say! :smiley:

I’ll expand the skybox and grass a bit more and take some additional pics of the whole house, since these are kindah useless :frowning:

Damn, nice.

Try putting some railings with those stairs. Looks good though.

Looks very nice. One question, though: what’s with the missing texture?

Looks nice but it needs custom textures.

Haha nice way to use the food models in css for functional artwork.

Looks awesome, but the textures on the stairs and beam don’t fit with the rest of the house.

I love the contemporary architecture style, now I want to do one too! :3:

I thought so too, got any ideas/suggestions? I loved the textures you used in suncity, but those won’t be out until the map is right? Anyway, I’ll browse my computer for some material packs, now that I know how to add them to hammer :3

Also, thanks for the comments :v:

I’ll update pictures with some minor progress soon.

The roofs need an overhang, atm if it were a real house you’d have serious water damage to the sidings. Make the cylinder in the stairway a displacement.

You put cubemaps in? They should be 64 units above the floor, in each room, and when you load the map type buildcubemaps in console. The purple reflection textures should go away.

Really nice, kinda of modern look, I like it!

the lighting needs improving, BIG time.

VERY NICE! Love the modern design, plus as Mackalda2k6 said nice job using prop textures as artwork thats creative! XD Once again I love the style, would looks epic with a warm more orangish lighting in some areas and a fireplace, with maby forest and cliffs going around the outside of the house at night-time (or you could go for a more modern aproach and set the house near a street surrounded by buildings with the same style of architecture :3

wow this is very nice. I could really see this house on like a cliff with a nice ocean view or something. Would be so cool if it was like a css map too. Like assault the house or something like that.

Still needs a lot of work to be done, but I like it where it is going.

Quite a nice house. Shame that the thread is old.

My favorite class in diablo is the necromancer, anyway good map.

holy shit! thats awsome. when you done i want!

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