Bigbooms picture history

Right, these aren’t in any particular order expect for Normal Pictures. This is from my first picture to the last after I was Idoit Culted a while back in 08. So, enjoy.

In order as far as my memory goes

Normal pictures

Editing by Uberslug**

Editing by Dragonsnake

Editing by Masterfgh

Editing by Masterfgh

Editing by Hamburgler

Editing by Spirals

Personal skin pictures:**

Landmark pictures:
These three pictures are probably the only pictures that I’ve felt really proud of making. Even if they aren’t to spazz, they mean something to me.

Editing by SeriousK

And goodnight. About 2 years work there :smiley:

Your work shows gradual climb in experience Big, which is a good thing.

Hope it keeps climbing :smiley:

I like you and your pictures and posing, but WTF?


Great pictures big boom here, have some paint :smile:

The mod should change the thread title to Bigbooms sexy picture history.

Big… I think I love you, Mate.

Scene builds are fucking amazing.
You gotta tell me your secret! :v:

Holy crap, that Silent Hill one near the end looks really good. They all do!

Hey, hey, hey, It was late when I posted this :smiley:

I liked all of them

“How do I put the pin back in”



I don’t remember editing that one you credited me with. Are you sure?

Second to last one makes my eyes bleed.


But not in a bad way.


As in, it was so awesome, my eyes bled.

Yeah, pretty damn sure.

Because I saved it under your name :smiley: