This addon shrinks all entities, players included, upon their creation. Currently configured for 1/4 scale.

I don’t have a file host quite yet, so for now heres a temporary link:

Ensure you disable your prop protection! I needed ownership functionality so I just went ahead and included SPP. Spacetech, if you’re out there, let me know if this is alright.

Just drop the Bigbox folder in your gamemodes folder and choose it when you launch garrys mod; in order to change the scale simply open up Bigbox’s shared.lua and edit the scale vector and scalar constant to your liking. Things start to get weird around 1/32 scale.

As an aside, this should be considered a very much beta addon, it has been tested on a server with Wiremod, Adv Duplicator 2, and ACF and is therefore mostly compatible. Issues are listed below.

Works without getting derpy to 1/16 scale! (recommended scales are fractions of source feet, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16)
Wire and (partial) ACF compatibility!
Adv Dupe 2 compatibility!
Works with whatever model packs you install!
Go really REALLY fast!
Transmit_pvs enabled on everything in the map! It’s like having your own personal occluders!
There is no more clientside prediction!..? *

*Seriously, theres none. I turned it off. Either get on a server with <150ms ping, live with it, or make garry actually develop his game.

Known Bugs:

The most pressing point of concern is that when wire and acf entities are shrunk (sent_ball and the tf2 ghost thing works… so do the sents I use in the gamemode) they are no longer interactable via clientside traces. A workaround is currently enabled but until I manage to fix it the advanced wire stool will not work, we’re stuck with the normal legacy stool.

Walking speed, jump height, and gravity are currently simply being multiplied by whatever scale you choose. My recommendation is to change the scale to whatever you find you are most comfortable with, and then edit the multipliers on the player constants to taste.

The addon is coded in such a way that it should readily accept whatever addons you have, though I suspect the issue with ACF and Wiremod will simply resurface. For more information on that specific bug, refer to my plea for assistance here:

Your dupes will break. This is non-negotiable until someone decides to make something to shrink the local vectors of your adv duplicator saves, simply paste without constraints and use an expression 2 to move stuff closer together. Furthermore, undoing a full-contraption-with-constraints paste will crash your server, this is not fixable without modifying Adv Dupe 2 as far as I am aware but I will continue looking into the problem. Dupes created using this gamemode will function as normal, though if you change the scale the entities will still be really far apart (or really close, depending on which way you go). As a rule, dupes made in 1/4 scale function in 1/4 scale, and so forth.

Another symptom of this issue is when you shoot something with a wiremod stool the created SENT will not weld, the shrinking process seems to invalidate the constraint and I can’t remove it prior. Simply manually weld it and you are good to go.

No the HL2 jeeps and airboats are not shrinkable. You may however drive them around as a tiny, tiny person.

I can’t touch shell casings and bullet decals to my knowledge, eventually I will create sweps with smaller effects.

Please report all bugs in this thread, with the error in

The fact that you can go really really fast is not a bug, you are 1/X the size of normal gmod, scale forces to match in your E2s; Gmod combat should be fun… I for one welcome our new airborne overlords.

MDave, he’s really a wonderful person.
Donovan, for being the magnificent bastard that he is.
Joey Skylynx, for being the coolest cat that thinks hes a cat. (what?)
Spacetech, I’ve never met you but your prop protection is pretty awesome.

As a disclaimer, you’re free to use whatever you want from this gamemode, but I’d really appreciate it if you make any improvements or changes to the code you give me a copy. Help me help you help us all.

I will be setting up a dedicated server within a few days, let me know if you guys know a good server host I can rent an entire machine on. Having a 3.2ghz quad core processor isnt exactly good when you have four other servers using it too. I’m also going to be fixing up poly weld as soon as I have the time.

I’m going to bed, I’ll check on the thread when I’m awake. If you need to contact me I would prefer it be through PM or steam: id/Diggz

This’d be useful for Spacebuild.

It’ll be useful for everything, TIME TO START MAKING SOME RP MAPS IN 1/16
Also, I am a cat inside of a cat’s hat.

Thats all nice to get more space for “bigger” maps. But there are still source engine limitations like max_brushes and displacements.

I would gladly sacrifice a bit of brush detail for more space to work with, not to mention fog and water actually being useable (because of the extra space). 1/16th seems like a bit of a stretch, haven’t tried it out yet though.

This is the most simple gamemode I have ever seen made by someone that’s not Garry.

“Excellent modification you have there chap!”

Assuming this doesn’t end up having any horrible flaws… We could have gigantic ground-(Relatively low to the ground but practically) space battles.

Imagining ground to space battles similar to what SWBF3 would have had long before Dice ever got it…[/t]
proof of concept
that’s the fishing boat from HL2, with three players sitting on it, at 1/8th scale.
now the same boat, same area, at normal size:

Quick update, the issue with clientside traces has been addressed.

Quick edit:

Updated download link including ability to adv wire stool!

That’s great and all, but what about actual physical contraptions? From what I’ve seen (could just be a bug in this script), the physics do not scale correctly at all for most props.

pretty much this, you create more space but still have to deal with max brushes and max displacements.

Currently tweaking physics to enhance the illusion. I’ve been driving around maps as we test them.

I know how to shrink the vehicles; add me on steam if you want to discuss it.

you could possibly get past the brushes and displacement issues by using static models where ever you can. The problem with that is that the map sizes will grow a LOT.
Still, imagine spacebuild where there is actually SPACE TO BUILD

this is awesome

Easy to get around.
In Hammer you create buildings with all the shmancy details you want, and from there you take those buildings to a 3rd Party tool called Propper. With Propper you can turn the building into a prop, and shrink it via MdlViewer.

Okay yes i know about propper and the higher limit for props than world brushes.

But whats with the performance and visual quality after all? I dont think source likes to render like 2000 props at once. :S you would have to be a master of optimization.

Each building would be one prop. Diggz has implemented a system where if you are not looking directly at a prop, it doesn’t render on your client. Alongside parenting of contraptions and the like, you might be able to get 4000 prop range. Not sure really.

If you were to use Propper to convert a massive amount of brushes into models there would be quite a few optimisation issues (unless you know what you’re doing enough anyway). It would certainly allow for more detail, and would scale down quite nicely, but the engine itself would have a lot less visibility data to work with, which is a big performance hole.

You could work around this quite easily with some brushwork, but when you start making maps for small enough scales the visibility calculations would increase to a stupendous amount and take quite a while to compile. And even then in game it may not help too much.

Plus the entity limit of Source will bite you in the ass if you make a map on a small enough scale, it’s not that large a limit to be honest.