Bigfoot needs to be roaming the woods!! 1 bigfoot at a time, when he gets killed he respawns. It would be fun to go hunt for bigfoot :slight_smile: He should be faster than players, very hard to kill, and he should carry “airdrop type loot” WHO ELSE WANTS BIGFOOT IN THE GAME? OR SASQUATCH WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL HIM, HELL I WOULD SETTLE FOR THE ABOMINABLE SNOW MAN!

I’m not against the idea of a really rare creature roaming the woods to hunt. Going to remember the good old GTA SA day.

I just want something hunting people in the night. Maybe put some caves high up in the rocks that he hides in during the day.

He will fit in quite naturally in this game I believe. It was meant to be, don’t deny it

Got my vote this game really needs more things to do and this would be fun. It should be tough as hell and the closer to death it got the more aggressive, faster, more damage but less defense it would have. If it is near any resource piles it should pick some of it up and throw it at you, which would knock you down and enrage him more. When killed his head should be able to be taken to a taxidermy table and either stuffed for a trophy or made into a mask.

(Side note) It would be great to have a taxidermy table so all animals can be mounted or used for masks, so it have more of a tribal feel.

Would be nice to actually have to team up in order to archieve some things in Rust.

But i’m pretty sure one of them are derps and shoot you down after taking all the loot… Because that’s Rust…

I agree that this is a pretty good idea.

As I said on the werewolf event thread, any new content that brings action and fun to the game is welcome, especially if they fit and they happen to add “fear”, which is the most “rust-like” element.

Bigfoot pawns werewolfs in the mouths