Bigger penises! Boners!

WHY ARE OUR TOOTSIE ROLES SMALLER THAN MY THUMB! Seriously devs! I think it would be cool that when you spawn there are some odds

20% have 1-3 inchers
50% have 4-6 inchers
Rest have 6-8 inchers

and maybe when your nearby 3 other nude people or 1 other but touching you you get a boner?

Heres something to show as an example.

Something like that to actually have intercourse with other people?
And maybe if they add females shell get pregnant and when the baby is born itll be a new spawned player.
I hope you realize this isnt a troll thread

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Also maybe bear skin condoms?

The realization that this isn’t a troll thread;

Didn’t really help your case imo.

I love this idea!

And people say that the Rust subforum is a horrible place.

i’m so used to seeing you say “i dont like it” that i had to re-read that a few times XD

umm, i think my opinion on this thread is…


Please no, its already difficult enough to not notice those fucking things dangling there, any bigger and they will be all over your face literally.

They should implement a feature where if anyone walks through wall, flies all over the place etc, their penis gets 1cm long. As in reality.

Man, if you want all that then go play that crazy second life junk. You can make all your penis dreams and sex with animated characters come true!!!

The place is goddamn hilarious

I like this haha

I’d like to see what it’d be like haha

I make a thread about making noise when u craft and I get banned for making a stupid thread…and here we are about adding boners and shit and it’s still open…srsly people

maybe your balls swell to the size of two rather large watermelons?

that is very stupid, it would be very difficult is craft, this thread on the other hand is just plain funny

Are you all children?

“im sorry im 12 i need this”

The amount of people that voted that idea funny, when I have seen many other more legit threads down-voted to shit, seems to sum up the average mentality of the sub-forum…

I wouldn’t of even found this funny when I was 12, just gay

Think really long and hard about what you’re asking here OP.

Consider whether people are rating the idea funny, or they’re rating the OP funny (as in, they’re laughing at him, not with him).

At least nobody’s suggested Rust become a rape simulator in this thread, yet.

This, either this is funny “satire” or it’s someone so clueless that it’s funny anyway.

Quality Post. 10/10. Would read again.