Biggest House On Rust ATM?

Hey guys im Sluggo…

I run a Series on Youtube on EPIC houses.
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Me and my buddy made this “to many” story house… 8-9 foundations wide.
Check out the video and tell us what you think!

We reset the server and used are “admin powers” to make a house for fun!
PM me or just comment your server IP so i can check out your sweet homes!
Our IP is:
check it out and have fun!



Thank you,
Jack aka Sluggo

I’m sure this isn’t the biggest house on Rust. My base I made alone with mystical admin powers is a 10x10 and is 6 stories. Pretty sure with it being a solid 10x10 that’s technically bigger than yours. I’m actual kinda lazy so if I can do that I’m sure others have done waaay more. I was watching a Twitch streamer and his friend’s base was a legit 25+ story 4x4 (wood) tower.

Personally though, I don’t think bases made with admin powers (including mine) should count towards Rust’s biggest house since really a admin could build as much as that person wanted.

Thanks for the update…
We are making a 20x20x50 atm.
Ill post a video on that soon :slight_smile:

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Also if you dont mind, can you guys give some feedback on the videos?

Now that’d would be (pretty unnecessary but) impressive. Hope you guys aren’t making one of those big ugly blocks though.

Besides the occasional deep breaths in mic the video quality was really good. Maybe it’s just me, but I was skipping through the video at points to get past just talking.

I’ve seen bigger. (No pun intended)

LOL Primeval.

Ill post tomorrow night… you could always subscribe to see it first :stuck_out_tongue:

we are building 2 sets of 20x20 areas then connnecting then like twin towers.
It will be epic indeed!

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the height with be around 50 like i said b4

That sounds awesome. You should put a wall around that and then large spikes around that wall to increase the epicness (new words) even more.

We do that with most of are homes…

We might make 60x20 so theres like a courtyard area too.
Seppo is Brainstorming like crazy right now.

not even really big at all but nice and i dont think anyone will join your server if your spawning items lol

life of admin is easy.

If it’s not in legit play then why does it matter,

I’ve seen bases on legitimate servers that managed to get bigger.

If you’re going to spawn stuff in and say it’s a big house, you have to go BIG. And when I say BIG, I mean at least 10x10 to be impressive.

I wanna know how high can a building be. It’d be great to touch airdrops.

Why do you have Day-Z and Skyrim in your thumbnail? That’s the worst way to get views without straight up faking them.

Well for a metal base its some what big… But we have built a caste in wood that is at least 15 timers bigger.

PS: without any cheating.

And if you built a 100x100 house… Who cares?

If you’d do it legit wise, then it’s cool…

But what’s the point… even if you got it 200x200 you simply spawn it and place it?

Everyone can do that with admin >.>

Weak. my buddies and I made a 45 story car ramp. it was 45 high, 45 long, and 9 wide. So much fun… spawn cars at the top and they roll down lol

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After making the car ramp, we made a castle that was about 20 stories tall, a Colosseum that was 15x15x5 and had everything including spike pits lol.

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oh… and we made a spike wall maze. awesome.

Broke the server with this one - apparently 50k objects isn’t clever :wink:

We also found the “top” of how big a building can be on a server… :stuck_out_tongue: Everytime a player placed something on the building, the entire server spiked up!