Biggest lie in Rust

‘I’m friendly’

Definitely thread worthy.

Biggest lie is I don’t dupe I raid dupers

“i’ll give you one hatchet for 10 wood”

I for one don’t lie about it.

I’m starting to reconsider since I always end up losing guns for keeping my word…

“yeah, you can swim”

thanks, bro. I was so new :c

“You want a free hatchet?” “Here you go” *turns out to be a rock then kills you


“Metal building parts drop from zombies”

“Im not french”


Haha amen to that. Funny enough though a guy did ask for sulpher in exchange for a m4 the other day.
I threw the sulpher. And got the m4!!! Now this was the pve server but still he could have just took and run. Fair play to him. Was defo a first to me. Also I spawned in fresh 1st time being on server and guy ran up to me threw me clothes food and pick axe lol