Biggest map you've ever played??

Looking for a cool map thats as big as it can get, One perfect for dogfights >:D The jets i build for other “big” maps make it from one side to the other in seconds :S plus a big skybox would be nice



gm_bossnigga / gm_desertstorm


Not really infinite but big as it can get and gives the open feel.

Custom map i made that was as large as the source engine allows

gm_mobenix_v3_final or gm_hugefuckingocean.

This map is good for you, no-clip below the ground and you find a huge sky, or look up you still find a huge sky, look left, right, forward or backwards you will see “infinite” (well you can’t actually see it because it has a type of fog, good for dogfighting like suprise attacks etc)


gm_bigcity or gm_flatgrass


No one has said anything about Freespace yet?

If you’re looking for a map perfect for dogfights, this one is perfect. I’m pretty sure it’s as big as any map can get, very large skybox, and a secluded city in the middle for god knows what. It’s an old map and still one of the best in my opinion.

i played rp_evocity2 and rp_apocalypse…but i cant tell which one i played is bigger…i think its rp_evocity2

flatgrass or harbor2ocean. harbor2ocean maybe just seems really big because of the what-seems-like never ending water and fog… In CG, some helicopter fights use to occur. Very fun.

Probably Freespace.

gm_superstruct_v2b or gm_infinigrass.

The title does say maps I’ve played so don’t reply just to say some other random one that’s bigger.


Made by me :smug:

Evocity 2.

Huge mother fucker.

darthspace is big, but is really tall, super high skybox