Biggest piece of advice I can give to a new player

I see this kind of conversation almost nonstop in chat:

Tom: omg you fuckin dick wtf
Tom: hey guys SatanDude is killing people for no reason
SatanDude: you were running around in radtown
SatanDude: and you had 120 ore

So if you are a new player, here is a simple, effective piece of advice; stay away from the road and towns. There are certain factions of people who will roam or camp the NPC buildings and kill everything on site. There is another faction of people who may be getting harrassed or attacked by others and will kill you because they feel threatened.

You have a much higher chance of meeting someone that is friendly if you are far away from civilization.

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On the flipside, you are more likely to be eaten by a wolf, a bear, a zombie and lose all sense of direction if you are off the road. It takes a few days before most people are comfortable with using the sun and time of day for navigation. In other words, your chances of death are pretty much the same on and off the road if you have no knowledge of the game. However, though you may be more likely to get PKed on the road you’re also more likely to find someone to help teach you on the road.

I would say you are far less likely to find someone that will help you running down the road. Unless a bullet in the brain is help.

As a noob I am not saying I totally disagree with you, however…
The road has been my ONLY source for solid navigation. In the past three days if I try to find a secure area I have only gotten lost because of venturing from the road.

If you’re a new player you might as well suicide rush the towns.

It’s a solid way to get guns, ammo, blueprints, etc. without tons of effort.

There’s nothing wrong with following roads either, just don’t walk on the road itself in plain sight.

Off the road, you’re more likely to starve to death. On the road you might still starve, and yes you might get shot but you could get lucky and find someone with a little food or advice.

This what I am doing. I also did suicide runs around the road. 4 times. It was the only way to get recognized landmarks familiar to me. Working but still struggling

It takes about 8-12 hours of playing before things start feeling comfortable. Usually, the defining moment is when you die for one reason or another and have to start from scratch again, but aren’t stressing out about it.

I don’t get it, pigs don’t spawn on roads. 1 pig is enough food to last multiple days.

Pigs spawn near roads all the time, whether in rad/zombie areas or off of next valley/resource valley. One pig won’t last multiple days though, with all the early rocking/hatcheting without cold protection that a new player is doing.

Of course, it’s usually safer to go off the road when running a campfire.

Noobs won’t learn the game by avoiding areas, you have to get your feet wet before you can swim. You have to learn to navigate with the roads, finding your own paths, and learning when to go in rad town and when to get the hell out of Dodge. You learn these things by starving to death off the path and getting shot in the back looting your first shiny weapon crate. These are lessons you can either learn from, or rage and never become a better player.

It’s like that story about two mice who fell into a bucket of cream, one gave up and drowned, the other paddled his legs so hard he churned the cream into butter and walked out. The game will break you or better you depending on who you are.

Don’t complain in chat when some clown in kevlar and an M4 kills you for your rock.

You’re actually satisfying them by doing that. Just take a deep breath and start again. This game isn’t hard to get established in, but it can certainly be frustrating if you have thin skin.

I agree, the problem is most players don’t view it as a learning experience. They believe they are getting griefed, and some great injustice has been dealt to them. Have you ever heard someone say something like this:

Tom: Oh man, that was a great shot! I almost got away!
Tom: Now I know that it is dangerous to travel into civilian areas.
Tom: You totally fooled me, I really thought you were friendly. Well played SatanDude!
SatanDude: O.o

People think they are being griefed if the car in front of them on the highway is driving too slow.

Oh that miserable F***!!! He’s deliberately driving slow just to piss me off!!!

Something like that?

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Agreed, first priority should be learning the map and the areas. It’s miserable at first, but the game is far more enjoyable when you know where you’re running.

But you don’t really know where you’re running until you’ve run the road a bit and seen some of the towns since the road and the towns are the most prominent landmarks available.

I live in a town full of friendly people right next to the rad town. We go there all the time and nobody except hackers of course, tries to mess with us.

That’s my point brother. :wink: Run the road, run through the mountains, get lost a few times, die a few times, and learn the map.

Exactly. “Tom’s” mistake was not his location, but lack of preparedness and situational awareness. Two of the most important things in this kind of game!