Biggest skybox

Hi everyone i looked for thread where i could say what i want to be reated but i didin’t found it.

Well i looked for big skybox and i found some maps that says (bigges map that source can handle) i am using them now but i am not sure they are really have biggest skybox so i want to ask for a simple flatgrass type map that could have big skybox and maby another version that could have not so big that TALL skybox if it’s possible.

i am sure there are people that really loves rockets and fast things that fly all over the skybox.

Make it in hammer.

So do you go to everything in the request board and say “make it in whatever program”?

No, i was just suggesting it.

Well he posted this because he’s incapable of making his own shit, that’s what a request is for. If he knew how to use Hammer, then he wouldn’t post this.

Granted, creating a large map with a large skybox is easy, he still made a request for someone else to do it.

OP, how do you want the skybox to be different from Flatgrass? I could make it for you.

Well like i sad i would like biggest skybox is possible no other things much needed becouse i thnik they lower skybox then. And if something would be different from skybox maby that it’s not so flater but higher just to be sure when i hit skybox i can relax that’s it’s really biggest one and i reached maximum.

if you really going to make then thank you.