Biggwig Server

Hello to all. I am here to let you know that my good friend and I have a server of 50 ports. We are looking for people to come over and play in our community. We have active admins, Oxide, shared doors, airdrops, sleepers and Pvp. With the latest patch, we are unable to add a few mods as of right yet, but by the end of the week we will be able too. We want to limit the ability to get explosive charges, only from airdrops, this is so we can have a more pvp atmosphere. We believe if you spend the time to build your house/castle, it shouldn’t be able to be broken into quite so easily. WE also want our community to have an active say as to what they want and how to improve their game play. We pay for it, you play in it.


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Just to make it easier for you guys.
type this in your command prompt
this will bring you right to our server

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