Bike chase at night

C&C please enjoy

That’s a delicious mask you have there. Kickass.

May I ask, where did you get that bike model?


Also, thats an interesting picture. I love the colors

Looking good. Could use some motion blur but it’s still awesome.

Yup, add some motion blur and maybe lights.

Very nice. Map?

Personally I would of tinted the picture a little bit red. to show mood which would be excitement?
but that’s just my artistic side talking nice pose anyway

Great work! I find it creepy how he’s looking at the camera, in a good way.

Looks like nothing is happening.

Argh I tried editing it but failed. Transparency gets blurred :frowning:

Anyways, nice picture.

The map can be found here.

Thanks for the replies guys. I’ll make sure to keep your tips in mind next time.