Bike Helmets

For motorcycles.


[li]Look at the helmet.[/li][li]Go into the console (~)[/li][li]Type in “ent_fire !picker skin X”[/li][li]Replace X with 0-14[/li][li]???[/li][li]PROFIT!![/li][/ul]

Has super duper cool 15 skins so you can totally do stuff with including Niko’s, Roman’s and Brucie’s. Oh by the way these were ported from GTA IV so they totally are hot with my bikes and shit I released. Fuck, use them with Hat Maker if you want.

*Bike not included, but if you want it, it’s totally in here dog.


Oh yeah, if you guys use anything of mine, not just including these helmets, give me a link. Skin/model creators/porters always like it when their stuff is used. :3

Bah, bike helmets are for wimps, what you need is a MELON HELMET.

you are so damn sexy

NICE! Didn’t I request this a while back when you made the weapons pack?

I think i just came in my pants…yep…yes i did

You sir are a god.

Awesome work brahh, definetly will be using them.

I can’t, you’re not on my friends list silly.

Keep doing these awesome ports, they’re awesome.:v:

:? He’s banned?

Nice GTA prots your really good at them !

These are great! :smiley:

I use these commonly: