Bill covering Francis


such butt buddies

Very nice.

Looks cool, but it doesnt look like francis is holding the clip

He is dropping it. I assume.
However these models are going to put me out of work D:. And I think you guys are missing the details, the mag has no rounds in it, the one om the sandbags do, and the bolt is back on Bill’s gun, those are all different models, they look really good.

Amazing detail and cool lighting, nice work as allways.

Motion blur would have helped people tell his was throwing it. Kinda looks like he’s slowly levitating it.

Nice one, but Francis seems to have a vacant stare. Also, hes dropping the clip, right? that could have been made a bit clearer. But nice work indeed.


Ever stop and think that they have been edited?

Posing good man, Francis’s face and eyes don’t seem to match though.

Epic pose/edit, I like it.

Good job being an ass and assuming shit. He showed me the models in a seperate pic. Jesus.

Edit: Sorry that was a wee bit harsh, but no they are not edited

Francis is reloading like an idiot.

Yeah, Nirrti just slapped me with that picture too >.<

I admit I was wrong, seemed like the only explanation :v:

Yeah now who’s being an ass.

I just got a thought into my head of the title, Bill covering Francis…in cum

Lol sorry i’m in a giddy mood (:stuck_out_tongue:

“I hate it when people cover me.”