Bill has a face off with a zombie in a dark alley

Zombies have guns now?

Posing is great, and the edit is nice because it’s subtle. Two questions, is Bill’s cigarette clipping through the zombie’s Glock? And why does a zombie have a gun in the first place?

Resistance would be happy.

Kinda cool.

Apart from the clipping issue, i like it.

I lol’d.

Posing on the zombie’s chest looks werid and zombies with guns? Now theres something you dont see every day.

Cigarette isnt clipping I erased a lill bit away because I wanted to add smoke and glowing.
Thanks for telling me ill add it in some minutes.

Thanks for all the comments

Zombies with guns? That’s pretty irresponsible I say:)

Good pose and use of blur.

lol, ideas?

Nice pose combine.

Yeah my lack of ideas forces me to steal :smug:

Added the version with smoke and glowing.

Lol. I think he is happy.

Yeah cause killing Zombies is great fun

Wow I realeased the picture an hour ago and got over 100 views.
Im proud now.

Lol I didn’t expect that when I clicked on this thread

But yeah it’s good but bland.

Quintien Tarantino directs Left 4 Dead?