Bill Has A Flashback To His Days In Service (Scenebuild)

As Zoey shot the pilot, the helicopter began twirling around in circles. Red lights blinking everywhere, loud bells ringing all over the place. Bill hopelessly looked out the window in fear as he flashed back to a dark day in 1967. His chopper was shot down by a Vietcong AA gun. Only himself, and a the Sharpshooter survived the crash. That was the day he realized that this war just got a lot more scary.




i didnt know bill looked as old in 'nam.

and we didnt have M4s in the vietnam war

pretty nice scenebuild, though.

He never ages.

Should’ve put a helm on him.

It’s not an M4, it’s and M16A1, with a strange stock. M4’s have shorter barrels than M16’s, and they also have a quite different grip. Plus, I got it in the Vietnam weapon pack.

I was also aware of the age issue, but when you ever look back at yourself, do you imagine yourself as a young person, or as the person you are now?

I did at first, but it looked ridiculous.

Bad clipping on the sharp shooters arm. Low and high-res models seldom mix well. Like the scene build though.

You can see Construct from the scope lens :fuckyou: