Bill in an exoskeleton yells at a tank holding down Zoey

If anyone wants a go at editing this, go right ahead.

oh bill, u so crazy

“Think I’m afraid of you, focking tank. FOCK YOU!”


Kind laughed at the big leggings, but pretty interesting concept.

Isn’t that master chief’s legs?

When I saw the chest, I instantly thought of Lego.

Need a continuation, Bill’s got a date with death. And a Tank.


I love this.

Bill’s fucked though.

Tank punches him in the head

Isn’t exoskeleton something that ought to be inside the skin, or is Terminator just fiction:)

Look’s like Tank is tickling Zoey and Bill doesn’t like it.

When I read the title and saw “Exoskeleton”, that scene off Aliens came to mind.

“Get away from her you bitch!” :smiley:

Hes like bring it on you bastard I’ll kill you with my own god damn hands.

Apart from that minigun:)

You obviously don’t know what an EXOskeleton is.

ENDOskeleton = Inner Skeleton, Terminators are Endoskeletons.

EXOskeleton = Outer Skeleton.

I stand corrected.

bill just seems to be going “HEY! you stop that right this instant young man!”

“Get the **Hell ** off my woman!!!”

I was planning on remaking Bill’s exoskeleton, the thing on his back is just too big for the rest of the device and would not go over well when unfreezed and reposed.

And thanks for the comments.