Bill Rages Over Super Mario Bros.

I’m not really used to posting my creations here, so please consider this to be a test of sorts. Constructive criticism is very welcome.

I know I need some actual lip syncing…

Also, I apologize for having just a link to the video instead of a pop-up, but I’m not sure if Youtube embed works here or not.

Video was ok imo

Poor Zoey.

She kind of deserved it, laughing at poor Bill and all that.


Lol what the!?
Funniest part was bills:“WUUUUAAAHHHT?”

My reaction to the end:

Do you have to relate everything you do with Link mate?

Bill is a lousy looser.


Sometimes it’s about creepy secret dungeon stuff.

Should’ve used Bill’s “NOOOOOOOO”, like when he get smokered.

Was it really that random? I was trying to get away from all of that, especially the whole “Louis loves peels lol XD” bullshit that is in every GMod L4D movie, which is why he’s not even here.

Well, Zoey falling from the couch was pretty damn sloppy…

How did he die? After you kill the first goomba you have to walk for a while before another enemy shows up.